Musical fountain «Imperial»

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The animation perfectly delivers all the advantages of the developed design-project of the fountain "Imperial". It demonstrates how the grandeur and the whole beauty of the water show. After all, the fountain "Imperial" capable of forming an extraordinarily beautiful water patterns. Yes, and in time with music. It is also worth noting the dynamic backlight, which enables you to see the design of the fountain "Imperial" in all colors.

Анимация музыкального фонтана «Империал» - Musical fountain animation «Imperial» Визуализация фонтана "Империал" (Fountain visualization "Imperial")Дизайн-проект фонтана "Империал" (Fountain design "Imperial")Светомузыкальный фонтан "Империал" (Musical Fountain "Imperial")Анимация фонтана "Империал" (Fountain Animation "Imperial")


  • Type of fountain - Musical
  • Bowl size - 31 х 15 m (outside)
  • The highest jet - 10 m
  • Number of nozzles - 189 pieces
  • Number of circuits - 14 pieces

  • Night version
  • Scheme of fountain
  • Video resolution: FullHD
  • Series of images
  • Design project

Animation price :  600 $


Additional options

If necessary, we will build an animation of this fountain in a photo of your location.

Also we can adapt the design-project for your production requirements and make the necessary changes.