Fountain «Butterfly»

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The design of the fountain "Butterfly" is made in the form of two separate cascading bowls that mimic the wings of a butterfly. The project uses sprayers Jumping jets (laminar jet), which create a water arch connecting the two bowls of the fountain, standard fountain jet Jet Lance and foam tips "Schaumsprudler". In front of the fountain features led paving stones, which complements the lighting at night. For this design project we created the animation of the fountain, showing his work in a dynamic mode.

Анимация фонтана "Бабочка" (Fountain Animation "Butterfly")Визуализация фонтана "Бабочка" (Fountain visualization "Butterfly")Дизайн-проект фонтана "Бабочка" (Fountain design "Butterfly")Светодинамический фонтан "Бабочка" (Dinamic Fountain "Butterfly")Анимация фонтана "Бабочка" (Fountain Animation "Butterfly")


  • Non-synchronized with music
  • Pool size - 16 х 15 m (outside)
  • The highest jet - 4,5 m
  • Number of nozzles - 100 pcs
  • Number of water features - 16 pcs
  • Duration of animation - 1:14 min

  • Nighttime version
  • CAD file with the fountain design
  • Video resolution: FullHD
  • Series of images
  • Design project of the fountain

Animation price :  300 $


Additional options

We can embed this fountain animation into your location's photo.

Also we can adapt the design-project for your requirements and make the necessary changes.