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Where you can relax in the modern megapolis on a hot summer day?

Probably every citizen of a big city at least once asked himself this question. The answer in this case can be only one - of course, next to the refreshing fountain! Better yet, if this is not just a fountain, this is a real "Oasis"!

I think everyone imagines "urban oasis" as a pond surrounded by lush greenery, with sparkling jets of water in its center.

During the day it gives freshness and coolness, and at night with sounds of musical accompaniment begins bewitching dance of water. Complementing the fountain show bright lights of the jets, which changes its color to the rhythm of music. Watching to the fountain after dark can be infinitely long.

Another important factor is the architectural component. Granite pool of the fountain, made in the shape of a triangle, in perfect harmony with the surrounding space. Water patterns organically fit in the pool and creating a unified architectural ensemble of water and stone.

In the pool of a dancing fountain "Oasis" placed a fountain's equipment capable to generating tens of water effects. This is rotating flowers in the center of the fountain, and elegant fan on its edges, as well as many other water paintings.

Animation of the dancing fountain "Oasis" is the best way to showcase a design project to the customer. Video allows you to see all operating modes of the fountain, as it would be in reality.

Animation consists of two parts: day and night. In this way the customer will not have questions about how the fountain will look at different times of the day. A high quality of the video animation ensures complete immersion in the magic atmosphere of the dancing fountain.

The design project of the fountain "Oasis" includes a high-quality animation of the fountain, the location scheme of the fountain nozzles and a series of images.

Fountain design "Oasis" - Дизайн фонтана "Оазис"Визуализация фонтана "Оазис" (Fountain visualization "Oasis")Musical fountain "Oasis" - Музыкальный фонтан "Оазис"Dancing fountain "Oasis" - Танцующий фонтан "Оазис"Music fountain animation "Oasis" - Анимация музыкального фонтана "Оазис"Outdoor fountain idea "Oasis" - Идея уличного фонтана "Оазис"


  • Fountain synchronized with music
  • Pool size - 14,5 x 16,5 m
  • Max. spray height - 10 m
  • Number of nozzles - 40 pieces
  • Number of sprays groups - 6 pieces
  • Duration of animation - 3:00 min

  • Daytime & nighttime version
  • CAD file of the fountain design
  • Video resolution: FullHD
  • Series of images
  • Design project of the fountain

Animation price :  385 $


Additional options

We can insert the animation of this fountain into your photo.

We can adapt the design-project of the fountain for your production requirements and make the necessary changes.