Water fountain animation "Narcissus"

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The design project of the decorative fountain "Narcissus" - is an elegant flower in a granite bowl with water. Its petals are made of thin jets of water, dynamically playing from each blow of the wind and iridescent. Fountain working in dynamics mode with smooth transitions, allowing to diversify its water shapes. Rotating fountain nozzle located in the center of the bowl gives additional dynamics for the fountain. And the lighting perfectly complements the view of the fountain in the dark time.

The ready fountain animation as a part of the design project "Narcissus" fully demonstrates all possible water shapes. Video consists different angles of camera, which moves smoothly around the fountain. The series of images complements the comprehensive design project and can be used to create your commercial offer. Fountain visualization is made in high quality with FullHD resolution. This quality is sufficient for the presentation of the fountain "Narcissus" on any playback devices.

Fountain design "Narcissus" - Дизайн фонтана "Нарцисс"Кадр из анимации фонтана "Нарцисс", созданной по нашему авторскому дизайн-проектуВизуализация фонтана "Нарцисс" (Fountain visualization "Narcissus")Анимация фонтана создана с учетом всех реальных размеровFountain "Narcissus" - Фонтан "Нарцисс"Визуализация фонтана демонстрирует свойственную нарциссу подсветку фонтанаWater fountain "Narcissus" - Динамический фонтан "Нарцисс"Кадр из анимации фонтана "Нарцисс", созданной по нашему авторскому дизайну фонтана


  • Non-synchronized with music
  • Pool diametr - 8 m (inside)
  • Max. spray height - 3 m
  • Number of nozzles - 7 pieces
  • Number of sprays groups - 2 pieces
  • Duration of animation - 1:30 min

  • Nighttime version
  • CAD file of the fountain design
  • Video resolution: FullHD
  • Series of images
  • Design project of the fountain

Animation price :  118 $


Additional options

We can insert the animation of this fountain into your photo.

We can adapt the design-project of the fountain for your production requirements and make the necessary changes.