Water fountain animation "Adamant"

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An elegant fountain design "Adamant" - is the best solution for residential and small-scales places. The stable water pattern is placed in two-level pool with a small waterfall. A classic water shape is formed by central Foam jet and inside falling Spray Ring in the top-level pool. And one Foam ring in the bottom-level pool. At nightfall the fountain illuminated by multi-color underwater lights. The water shape of the "Adamant" fountain is stable throughout whole period of working.

The ready fountain animation demonstrates "Adamant" from different view's angles with moving around the fountain. The series of images complements the comprehensive design project and can be used to create your commercial offer. Fountain visualization is made in high quality with FullHD resolution. This quality is sufficient for the presentation of the fountain "Adamant" on any playback devices.

Fountain animation "Adamant"Image from the fountain animation "Adamant". Author project - Fountain3d.com teamFountain animation "Adamant"Fountain type - stableFountain animation "Adamant"Different water lighting colors.Fountain animation Adamant 4Ideal fountain for parks, gardens and private backyards.Fountain animation Adamant 5The fountain animation shows "Adamant" from different angles with different lighting colors.


  • Fountain type - Stable
  • Pool diametr - 5,5 m (inside)
  • Max. spray height - 3 m
  • Number of nozzles - 28 pieces
  • Number of water features - 3 pcs
  • Duration of animation - 2:10 min

  • Nighttime version
  • CAD file of the fountain design
  • Video resolution: FullHD
  • Series of images
  • Design project of the fountain

Animation price :  65 $


Additional options

We can insert the animation of this fountain into your photo.

We can adapt the design-project of the fountain for your production requirements and make the necessary changes.