Water Fountain Animation

Water fountain animation  - Fountain video presentation created with 3D graphics. Allows to demonstrate the idea of future fountain, as well as the dynamics of its work. Animation only able to disclose to the customer the full potential of your idea of the fountain. A full line of sizes of all units and materials used in finishing allows you to see the fountain as he is in reality. Built-in photo animation allows you to see the fountain on the site of its future construction. Also possible for the animated movie recreation environment using 3d, or the creation of an abstract landscape to the fountain.

We create animations for all types of fountains:

Musical fountain animation (with music synchronization) - is to create the most complete representation of musical fountain. In this type of animation worked out all the details of the functioning of the dancing fountains: the pumps, nozzles and fixtures. And all this in tact musical accompaniment.

Sequenced fountain animation (without music synchronization) shows water fountain picture regardless of the musical accompaniment. Background music in this case is used only to create atmosphere.

Stable fountain animation - implies that water picture remains unchanged throughout the video. Changes only light jets.

Ordering from us the fountain animation you get:

The video file with water fountain animation - file format MP4 or AVI with necessary for you frame size: FullHD, HD, PAL. The average duration of the animation makes up for the musical fountain is 1.5-2 min, for dynamic and static 1-1.5 min. We can create a fountain animation with longer duration, but it can increase price and term of creation.  

Series of images of the fountain - 10-15 pictures from fountain animation for use in the commercial and advertising offers.

To create the animation, you must submit the following materials:

  • Layout (drawing) of the fountain - it can be any graphic file format or sketch by hand in an digital format. Layout of the fountain must include the following information:
    • size and shape of the fountain pool ;
    • number and location of the water collectors and their sizes;
    • number of nozzles at the collector and the height of their jets;
    • Type of a nozzles used in the fountain;
    • Information about valves and variable-frequency drives (VFD) if it used;
    • it is desirable to specify the location of lamps;
  • information about the materials used in the finishing of the fountain;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • background picture, or drawing (outline) environment the fountain.

Dates creating animation fountain

Dates creating animation fountain depends on the complexity of the design project. The exact Period of realization set after reading all the necessary materials.

Average time for creating animation:
•  dancing fountain - 5-6 days;
•  dynamic - 3-4 days;
•  static - 1-2 days.

Implementation period counted from the moment of approval of technical specifications and can vary if changes are made in the task.

How is the process of animating the fountain

  1. Receive from you raw materials: drawings fountain, background photo, music, site plan, etc..
  2. Discuss the project of fountain and the timing of realization.
  3. Coordinate all details of the project and start working.
  4. Create a 3d model of the cup and water shapes of the fountain.
  5. Visualize and show you the intermediate results. If necessary, make changes.
  6. Create fountain animation.
  7. Produce the final render animation.
  8. Sends you the finished files.

The cost of creating fountain animation

The price of creating the animation depends on the amount of water fountain and contours determined according to the price list.

Average price creating animation fountain:
•  dancing fountain - 330$
•  dynamic - 185$.
•  static - 130$.

The cost can vary, if you need to create the environment of the fountain as well as a number of other parameters, which are discussed during the negotiation phase specification. Also, we present a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.