Fountain design

Fountain design - a creative process, which is determined as a result of the appearance of the fountain as well as the dynamics of its work. We create a design project with all your wishes, while achieving a harmonious combination of water patterns and architecture. Individual design of the fountain will fit perfectly in any space, be it a garden, urban area or even a cozy interior. The original idea is always the key to creating a truly beautiful and enchanting fountain. 

Ordering from us the fountain design you get:

Fountain drawing which showing the bowl and placed in it nozzles. For all jets will be given height and type of fountain nozzles. Also on the drawing will indicate the location of additional effects.

Fountain animation or visualization - depending on what you need in a given situation.

To develop a design project, you need to determine:

  • Style fountain (classical, modern, high-tech and so on);
  • Sizes of the fountain;
  • Type of fountain (music, dynamic or static);
  • Amount and type of bowls (ground, underground or placing in a pond);
  • Bowl shape (round, rectangular or complex);
  • Materials facing and finishing;
  • The presence of architectural elements (sculptures, vases, the Central group and so on);
  • Types of jets (foam, monojets, rotating, etc.);
  • Additional effects (fog, projection, fire, etc.);
  • Having drops of water (water cascades);
  • Backlight (underwater, surface);
  • Approximate or exact number of equipment (pumps, nozzles, lamps and so on);
  • Binding to existing or designed environment;
  • View the filing of a fountain design project (animation or visualization).

Without a doubt, in any design project may attend its nuances and peculiarities. All of them will be specified during the negotiation phase and will not go unheeded.

The timing of the creation of the design of the fountain

We will do our best to offer you the original design project in a short time. Of course the speed will be affected by the complexity of a particular task.

On average, the creation of a design project fountain takes about 7 days. But do not forget that additional terms will be included the time to create animation or visualization.

The term is counted from the moment when transmitted and discussed all necessary materials and you gave final approval to establish a design project. The dates may change, if in the process, changes are made in the technical specifications, or we have not received any material or approvals from your side.

How is the process of creating design-project of the fountain

  1. Receive from you the desired characteristics of the fountain.
  2. Discuss the design of the fountain and the terms of its realization.
  3. Coordinating all details of the design project and begin work.
  4. Coming up with ideas and draw their thumbnails.
  5. Show you thumbnails of the fountain design project and we study liked.
  6. Create animation or visualization of the fountain design-project.
  7. Give you the ready files.

Cost of the fountain design-project

The price for the design of the fountain depends on the complexity of the design project and is calculated individually for each order.

To accurately calculate the cost contact us and provide all the necessary information about the fountain.

By default in the cost of creating design-project of the fountain also included the price of its animation or visualization.