Fountain Visualization

Visualization of the fountain Visualization of the fountain - it's a series of images showing various options of water shapes. Pictures and still pictures are kind of future fountain. Images obtained by imaging the perfect choice for your commercial offer or other promotional items.

Ordering a fountain visualizatioin you get:

Series of images of the fountain - pictures showing various combinations of water fountain designs. The number of images depends on the complexity of the fountain and can be increased at your request. By default, you get the picture resolution of 1920x1080 (FullHD). If you need a larger image, please let us know during the negotiation phase.    

To create the visualization, you must submit the following materials:

  • drawing (outline) of the fountain - it can be any graphic file format or sketch by hand in an electronic form. In the drawing must include the following information:
    • size and shape of the bowl of the fountain;
    • number and location of the water collectors and their sizes;
    • number of nozzles at the collector and the height of their jets;
    • type nozzles on each collector;
    • position of valves and frequency regulators;
    • it is desirable to specify the location of lamps;
  • information about the materials used in the finishing of the fountain;
  • background picture, or drawing (outline) environment the fountain.

The terms of visualization of the fountain

Period of creation fountain visualization depends on the complexity of the design project and the amount of work on the environment (background photo). The exact timeframe set after reading all the necessary materials.

The average time visualization: 2-3 days.

Implementation period counted from the moment of approval of technical specifications and can vary if changes are made in the task.

How is the process of visualizing of the fountain

  1. Receive from you raw materials: drawings fountain, background photo, music, site plan, etc...
  2. Discuss the project of fountain and the timing of realization.
  3. Coordinate all details of the project and start working.
  4. Create a 3d model of the cup and water shapes of the fountain.
  5. Visualize and show you the intermediate results. If necessary, make changes.
  6. Produce the final render visualization of the fountain.
  7. Sends you the finished files.

The cost of creating fountain visualization

The price of creating the visualization depends on the amount of water fountain and contours determined according to the price list.

Average price creating fountain visualization consisting of 3 water contours: 100$.

The cost can vary, if you need to create the environment of the fountain as well as a number of other parameters, which are discussed during the negotiation phase specification. Also, we present a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.